Residential Program

LARC is proud of its residential homes and the programs that go with them. Our Saugus campus offers 13 fully equipped 8-bed homes. These modern 2,900 square foot homes were built in 2001, complete with all the comforts of home, including large capacity Maytag washers and dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and entertainment centers.

LARC’s Residential Programs

• All LARC’s residential care staff are DSP I & II certified and are required to attend 70 hours of DSP training by the first two years of hire. Ongoing Continuing Education Units are required each year. DSP is an acronym for Direct Support Professional, a State of California designation for a residential care professional trained in caring for developmentally disabled adults. Supervision is provided around the clock for the people who live at LARC.

• LARC retains the services of several medical professionals. A medical doctor comes to our campus once a week, a psychiatrist visits two times per month, and a podiatrist makes the rounds once a month.

• A hairdresser and a manicurist provide their services once a week on campus.

• A licensed dietician helps plan the weekly menus to ensure nutritionally balanced meals.

• LARC’s facilities include a large multipurpose room used for gatherings and events, such as bingo and karaoke. We have an auditorium with a large stage for special events and entertainment.

• LARC has 3 homes specializing in care for elderly folks and one home for those people needing a higher level of care. These are licensed as “Level III” homes by the State of California Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

• LARC offers 9 “Level II” homes at its Saugus campus and 1 “Level II” home in a great neighborhood in Newhall, California for higher functioning developmentally disabled adults.

• Our Community Care License numbers for residential are as follows:

LARC Adult Home 1 – Lic. # 191201925

LARC Adult Home 2 – Lic. # 197603509

LARC Elderly Home 1 – Lic. # 197603505

LARC Elderly Home 2 – Lic. # 197603506

Apple Street/LARC Housing – Lic. # 197600845