Adult Developmental Center

The Goal: To tap into the participants’ individual skill levels to enhance and maintain intellectual, physical, emotional, and social well being.

The Path: The ADC program works towards this goal with higher staff-to-participants ratios (1:4). This enables each participant to receive a more individualized program tailored to fit his or her needs.

Each participant’s progress and needs are followed on a weekly basis by the program supervisor and program staff. Additionally, each participant’s overall progress is evaluated in annual IPP (Individual Program Plan) meetings between program staff, professional case managers, and the participant’s family.

Physical Education

The Goal: To strengthen atrophied muscles, build bone mass, and improve coordination.

The Path: The ADC physical fitness facilities include a gymnasium for music based aerobic sessions and indoor sports activities. Our trained program staff involve program participants in physical activities adapted to each person’s needs and skills

Language Development

The Goal: To improve communication skills, through verbal training and alternative communication methods.

The Path: Our program staff work on participants’ communication skills utilizing pictorial flash cards, board games, computers, signing, and other adaptive methods. Staff also engage program participants in group discussions to stimulate intellectual development. We contract a professional speech therapist on a weekly basis to improve participants’ verbal skills.


The Goal: To encourage involvement in community events, to involve the participants in social, recreational, and leisure activities and to teach daily living skills.

The Path: LARC’s ADC program participants make weekly community trips to Santa Clarita and other local destinations for such diverse activities as shopping, dining, bowling, and miniture golf. At our facilities, caring staff involve participants in arts and crafts projects, music appreciation, dancing, and celebrations.

Motor Skills

The Goal: To improve hand dexterity, fine and gross motor skill coordination, and problem-solving skills.

The Path: The ADC program participants improve their motor skills by working puzzles, engaging in mechanical assembly projects, playing board games, matching and sorting. LARC’s ADC program also provides computer training and activities.

ADC License Number

ADC (Adult Development Center) –
Lic. # 191290150