Day Training Activity Center

The Program

DTAC is a work-oriented program with a focus on preparing program participants to enter into the workforce and to thrive in a workplace. LARC Industries starts the training process from the ground up.

Preparing for the Workday

Program participants learn to pack their lunches and prepare their clothing for work the night before. Setting the alarm clock and getting up in time to commute to work is an important part of the process.

These steps encourage responsible behavior and set deadlines to be met; a critical skill to learn in the workplace.

Commuting to Work

Most of America’s work force has to commute to work. The same is true for our program participants. In a typical week, our people take the city bus to program at least once or twice per week with the assistance of our employee job coaches. The goal is to prepare and train the individual to independently commute to work without assistance.

Appropriate Work Place Behavior

Our program trains participants to stay on tasks at the appropriate times, including when to take breaks, and when to warm up lunch in the microwave. We also teach our participants how to operate a time clock, including the appropriate times to punch in and punch out during the workday. Sound a lot like developing concentration skills? That’s precisely the focus. This segues well into our next training segment that also helps develop concentration skills.

Computer Training

LARC Industries has developed a step-by-step process, which introduces program participants to working with computers. We start with dexterity training on how to manipulate the mouse or track ball, and move on to keyboard training, including typing by touch. From there, the training focuses on getting into and around the software. Our training program utilizes the Microsoft Word software as its training base. Program participants learn the program from the most basic level of getting into the program to more advanced features of keyboarding and printing the resulting work.

The Work Itself

LARC Industries distributes a brochure entitled “Choose Your Future”. Our program stresses the fact that participants choose how they fill in their workday. Among work choices is contract work. Participants engage in projects, such as packaging, light assembly, mailing, and door-to-door flyer distribution. Another work aspect is the aforementioned computer training.

Some of our program participants “move on” and land jobs with outside businesses and supported employment programs, when they develop the skills they need. Still other program participants enjoy spending part of their workday engaging in arts and crafts projects. Arts and crafts help develop fine motor skills and concentration, and helps to release stress.


We don’t want to give the impression that LARC Industries is all work and no play. All program participants go on a community outing at least once per week. They enjoy such diverse activities as bowling, touring museums, swimming, and miniature golf. Program participants also dine out at least twice per month. At our program site, our people enjoy board games, computer games, and other fun activities.

As a final note, there is more method to community outings than just an opportunity to play. Our job coaches utilize community outings to teach socialization skills, such as reading a menu and ordering at a restaurant, in addition to teaching appropriate behavior in public places.

We urge you to come in and take a tour of our DTAC program. LARC Industries just may be the right choice for you.

DTAC License Number

DTAC (LARC Industries) – Lic. # 197600225